The Repertoire  

  Program - Examples  

The Repertoire

The young musicians from LA VOLTA command a broad musical repertoire from the instrumental and folk music of the 13th through the 18th Centuries in Europe, North America and Latin America, up to the popular music of today. They play a wide range of instruments, depending on the geographical or stylistic origin of the music: Guitars of various sizes and pitches; historical instruments such as the lute, baroque mandolin, baroque guitar, Pandora and Cister; and numerous ethnic instruments--plucked, bowed, wind, and percussion--from throughout the world.

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LA VOLTA concerts are always commented. Jürgen Hübscher guides the audience through the musical program with humor and wit, explains the rare instruments and musical pieces with knowledgeable commentary and entertaining anecdotes, and makes meaningful connections between the most disparate musical styles.

The audiences in LA VOLTA's concerts for families, schools, children and youth are often invited and encouraged to participate in making music.

Program - Examples

«From the Galliarde to Ragtime»

Dance music from the Renaissance to the 20th Century, tied in with commentary about forbidden dances, dance epidemics, courtly and country dances, popular dances, St. Vitus' dance, and the Tarantelle, with which one dances oneself to health.

«Young Musicians play Old Music»

Works from the 14th through 18th Centuries from anonymous composers, Dowland, Johnson, Monteverdi, Giamberti, Barsanti, Sanz, Uccellini, Brecianello, Vivaldi, Bach, etc.

«Musical Mix» (not identical to the CD of the same name!)

Folk songs and dances from throughout Europe, North America and Latin America mixed with early and popular music.

«Around the World in 80 Minutes» (adapted from Jules Verne)

A musical journey through various countries, times and continents.

«Musical Folly» (not just for Mardi Gras and Shrovetide !)

Clownish dances of the 16th through 18th Centuries: La Follia, a crazy Spanish dance; satirical songs from Finland and Italy; Carnavalitos from Argentina and Brazil; two musicians playing one guitar; and more. A great assortment of musical humor and fun !

«Italian Baroque Music and Brasilian Choros»

Sonate phrases [Sonaten-Sätze] from A. Vivaldi, F. Barsanti, M. Uccellini and others played with baroque mandolin, Timple, Erz-Laute, Choros, Samba, etc., performed on Cavaquinho, guitar, mandolin and percussion instruments.

«Workshop and Concert from LA VOLTA»

Make music with LA VOLTA. For all ages. No previous experience required. Folk music, popular music (Gospel, Ragtime, pop songs), body percussion, rhythm games, playing technique for small percussion instruments (match boxes, spoons, tambourine, broom, Maracas, etc.), singing and movement. Especially suitable for students, teachers, educational conferences, etc.

«Concerts for Schools, Families and Children»

Tailor made programs on request.